All About GOD MODE + How to Activate it on PC

There is a hidden Microsoft feature that allows you to access and edit all the settings on your Windows from one position. It is called GODMODE.


This GODMODE feature is very essential as it can allow you tweak any settings in your system without looking for the control panel. It has more feature and more settings than the control panel.

From GODMODE, you access to so many things that you have never thought about in your system and it has been around for a while but has only been used by computer geeks. So, I decided to make it known to all NCReaders so you can enjoy what the geeks are enjoying too.

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With this GODMODE feature you can now backup your computer, edit folder settings and also learn many more exciting things from your PC through this feature.

GODMODE is fully hidden in the heart of the operating system even most computer geeks do not know how to get to it, but you will get to know that in a blink of an eye now by accessing it easily through a shortcut.

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How To Access GODMODE Easily.

  • Create a folder on your desktop screen and name it anything (Yeah anything).
  • Now rename the folder and copy the below code and insert it as the new name of the folder you just created.

Now you will see something like the below icon


To get full access to every part of your computer
from one click, just open it

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