Another VPN working with Airtel for free

Having starved for weeks without having an alternative to browse the web freely with airtel, here comes another VPN software called ‘VPNSolid’ that enables you to connect to the internet for free on Airtel Network. All you have to do is to follow the below and all will be working perfectly.

How to Connect
»Ensure you have Java Run Time installed on your PC«

  • Download VPNSolid Here(11MB)
  • Install it on your PC and Register to get an account
  • Wait for your account to be confirmed
  • Then configure it according to the below screenshot
  • Set your brower to manual proxy configuration,
    Sockshost: Port: 1080
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Note:- Free users are only allowed to browse 2hours daily and Once you are satisfied with the browsing experience as a free user, you can then upgrade or wait till another day.

Also, only the torrentz server on UDP 53 works perfectly as at the time of putting up this tut.

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