App That Let You Verify Any Nigerian Bank Account

Have you ever wanted to send money to someone and having doubt if you’re sending money to the right person or not.

GTBank will never credit an account if two names are not fully written. I experienced this months ago when i wanted to deposit money to someone’s account, just because i wrote the surname in full  and put other names as initial (i.e. Ogunsola Y. D) the cashier bounced the transaction and told me two names must be written in full. 

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Tried calling the person to get the meaning of either “Y” or “D”but his phone wasn’t going through. At that point, I was getting frustrated but with the help of this app,  I was able to get the other names. 

Nigeria Bank Account Verifier let you easily verify the account details for you to be fully sure you’re crediting the right person. 

Why Should I Download  This App?

  • It helps you avoid being scammed by people
  • Prevent identity theft
  • No need to visit customer care anymore for account verification
  • Avoid sending money to the wrong account number.

Where Can I Download it?

  • Download it here and install
  • Open the app and Select the bank name
  • Enter a 10 digit Nigerian Bank account.
  • Click on verify to know who owns the account number.

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