Hello Peeps, Today we wil be sharing a tutorials on how to store your files on the internet.
With this, having the fear of loosing your important files stored on your storage devices such as Flash drives, SD card and the likes would stop because you will have all your files kept on the internet.
So you can now have your files with you anywhere even when you forgot, misplace or lost your storing devises. One of the Best Free Online File Storage is Dropbox, It’s easy to use with a free 2GB Data Storage to keep all your Files Online.
The Moment you start having Some Important Tools on your PC, You will need to have a very Strong Backup that can be Save in your Flash Drive or External Hard Drive but in some cases we won’t have the opportunity of getting use of such files at some particular time we are in need of it e.g Imagine when you travelled to a place and you are in need of a particular software which you have in your external hard dist but unfortunately you are not with it, How do you feel? Well I guess you feel worried.
But with the help of Dropbox, you can actually Scan and Save your files Online and Download them anytime you need them. I Started Using Dropbox Last Year March when my Hard-Drive Crashed and I lost all my Important Software and Ebooks but now, Never because i can Upload them to Dropbox and Download them when I need it, No need to carry your Flash Drive again, As far as you have your Internet with you, Your Files are very near to you.

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1. Register for a Free Account @ www.dropbox.com Get Free 2GB Space.
2. Login after Registration, Navigate through the Site to Understand How it works and Start Uploading your Files.


1. Download the Dropbox Client Software to your PC from their Website.
2. Install it, After Installation, A Dropbox Folder will be Created on your PC, Just Copy the Files you want to Backup into the Folder, it will Automatically Syncronize the Folder and backup the Files, No need to Delete the Files after Backup (Internet Connection is needed to Sync.).
Keep your Files Secure & Let your Mind be at Rest.
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