Difference Between The New And Old MTN Night Plan

We are all familiar with the MTN Night Plan that gives 4.5GB for #2,500 which valid for a month. According to MTN, the 4.5GB are split for morning and night whereby 1.5GB is meant to be used during the day (6:01am – 08:59pm) while the remaining 3Gb is meant to be used at Night (9pm – 6am). Activating this requires you to have #2,500 on your SIM then you send “102” in an SMS to “131”, then you will be subscribed to the plan.

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The Newly introduced MTN Night plan offers the same but with just a little difference for users to enjoy more.

The difference is:- On the old Plan, You must first exhaust the 1.5GB that was meant to be used during the day before you start using the 3GB which you won’t be able to use during the day immediately after exhausting the 1.5GB, then you will be frustrated throughout the day whenever you wanna connect. On the New Plan, both Datas Switches Automatically at the stipulated time i.e the 1.5GB will be used during the hours of 6am to 9m while the 3GB will be used during the hours of 9pm to 6am.

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To Activate the New Plan, Ensure you are having up to #2,500 on your SIM, then send “120 to 131” in an SMS. After that, the plan will be Activated for you and that’s all. Enjoy!

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