Finding it Difficult to Download Music and Video Files on BlackBerry 10 Phones (Z10, Q5, Z3, Z30, Q10, Etc.)? Solution Here!

This article is dedicated mostly to BlackBerry 10 phone users, but others users (Android, iOS, Windows, Java , Symbian, etc.) that are interested can also opt-in.

Almost all BlackBerry 10 Users complain they do find it difficult to download both music and video files on their device using the BlackBerry Default Browser as whenever they click on the download links of the files, rather to start downloading, it starts to buffer the music or stream the video.

Alternatively, one can easily make use of Opera Mini or UC Browser to download on BlackBerry 10 Phones but some still insist they want to stick to that BB Default Browser because of its download speed and as well it lets users enjoy browsing to the fullest due to its ability to execute JavaScripts Code in which opera and UC do not.

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Today’s tut shows you how to download music and video files using that BlackBerry Default Browser of yours. The process is quite simple as all you just have to do is to follow the below highlighted steps.

Note: This process isn’t required on all sites as some websites allow a direct download to your blackberry 10 phone while some do require this tut.

==> If you are trying to download a music or video file online and instead of downloading automatically, it opens a window and plays it directly, simply navigate back to the download page

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==> Then Press and hold the Download Button (this will bring up some menu options)

==> Simply tap on Save Linked File and the download should commence in a bit.

==> In the case of Images, Please Press and Hold on the image to display some menu (options), simply tap Save Image and the image download should commence.

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