Hide WhatsApp ‘Last Seen Timestamp On iPhone, Android Phones

WhatsApp “Last time seen” feature enables its users to have the access to know the last login of another user., last login i mean here is last visit. Without saying much of this, we all have seen this displaying on WhatsApp. Despite its benefit, many users feel this is not really okay as some may at times won’t want this to be displayed to other users probably due to the reason best known to such user.


Well if you are among these user, i am happy to let you know that you can now accomplish such mission as WhatsApp introduced the features that enables you to hide the last Seen Timestamp, but it’s unfortunate that Blackberry, Symbian and Java phones are excluded. Though with time, it might be available.

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It’s just an easy steps, I’ll quickly show you how to disable that display of last time seen on your device.

For iPhone/iPad,
It is so easy on iPhones as the update is already available from whatsapp.
Just go to Settings >> Chat Settings >> Advanced and then toggling the Last Seen Timestamp ‘Off’ will accomplish your mission.

For Android,
Android users are really going to love this app with the ease of use.

  • Install it and the work begins. There are also similar app that does the same thing as this which include; whatsapp ghost mode last seen but I’ll recommend the above.
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To turn your online status into offline (People won’t know when you are online or offline), download Hide last seen status and you are good to go.

For Window/Nokia Phones,
Unfortunately, there is no such app for windows phone but you can do it manually on them. Just disable your Internet connection (turn off wifi, mobile data or whatever you are connecting with) then Open Whatsapp, and this will not let your friends know that you have seen there messages.

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