How To Boost The Life-Cycle Of Your Smartphone Battery

Hello NCReaders, we will be discussing on how to boost our smartphones’ battery life-cycle. As we keep having different varieties of smartphones in our vicinity, users tend to enjoy the features they possess but many do complain about the lifespan of the smartphone batteries as some keep complaining they only serve for few hours.

Low Battery On Apple Iphone 5S
Downloading apps that claim to help boost might not be the perfect solution sometimes but rather, you can tweak your phone to enhance the performance of your phone battery. There are lot of ways and tips but we are gonna be discussing few therefore, take a cheese and relax. Remember, it’s meant for smartphones which also includes Windows phone, Blackberry and iPhone.

Utilize Your Smartphone Mobile Network

Each time your smartphone mobile network connectivity is turned on, it calls for more use of your battery energy. With this, it’s advisable to enable your smartphone Wi-Fi (if available) all the time compared to data network that uses more battery energy.

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Avoid Excess Charging Habit

This is very common and should be curbed before it gets out of hand. Many people want their smartphone to overcharge meanwhile it damages and reduces the battery life of such smartphone. If you do this, it’s high time you put a stop.

Manage Your Smartphone Display Brightness

Although the display sensitivity of a smartphone is necessary but it should be disabled when your device is not in use. Brightness should also be reduced in the night as the screen will be visible enough therefore less battery will be removed and not much. You can use the automatic brightness settings or change it to manual which is the best and must recommended to implement.

Enable Power Saver Mode

As the feature name describes, it already shows the meaning and the usefulness of the function. This will optimize the entire smartphone system and manage all apps and in-built function or features. Some of these features include Background services, mobile network, and its connectivity. This feature is enabled in all smartphones so that calls for a little joy…


Tweak Background Function

The background function simply means programs working silently on a system. They often work immediately when a smartphone comes on. This applications are always fond of siphoning the smartphone memory and battery since they work in the background system of the phone. Although the background function helps to keep the phone updated in terms of notification but it should be check frequently to disable the one’s that are not needed.

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