How To Bring Back The Start Menu Button To Windows 8 Just Like Window 7

The release of Windows 8 was great as it comes with new features and different styles which vary completely from the old windows (Windows XP/Vista/7). If you’ve just installed Windows 8 or bought a Windows 8 PC, you will noticed that the Start button is no where to find. Microsoft Corporation has decided that they kill the Start menu and button and that the Mouse-and-Keyboard-Hating Metro Start screen is the future.

Bouncing on window 8 for the first time with the Metro Start screen without start button make me feel confused and this makes the latest Window 8 look somehow complicated to use without Window start Menu and button unlike the older versions (Windows XP/Vista/7).

When a friend on Mine also found out this on his newly purchased laptop, he immediately downgraded his Windows OS to the Older Version in which I believe most people out there who find the latest version complicated to use might or will as well have such action to take (i.e. downgrade their Windows OS).

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Well if you also find the Windows 8 OS complicated to use and thinking of downgrading it back to older version, I’m happy to inform you that a solution have been discovered as dozens of some third-party apps  have been released to serve as Start menu and Start button replacements months after the introduction of Windows 8 OS — some of which are far superior to Microsoft’s own Windows 7 Start menu. Keep on reading as I will be sharing with you the best, free and most authentic apps for bringing back the Windows Start Menu button below.

  • StartMenu8


This is a solid alternative.  By default, StartMenu8 will bypass the Windows 8 OS Start screen and go straight to the Desktop, and disable Windows 8′s hot corners. There’s also the option to disable the sidebar, if you really don’t ever want to see Windows 8 ever again. The StartMenu8 button icon can be altered, and you can add and remove which links appear up the right side of the Start menu.

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Download StartMenu8

  • Pokki


If you’re looking for a Windows 8 Start menu/button replacement that isn’t reminiscent of Windows Vista/7, then Pokki is for you as it is a free third-party app that utilizes a neat “pinning” system that isn’t unlike the home screen of your smartphone or tablet (though I would argue that the Windows taskbar/superbar still does a better job). By default, Pokki will configure your Windows 8 system to boot straight to the Desktop — and there is an option that will just completely disable the hot corners, if you so desire.

Download Pokki

(Note-: If you need to open the Charms menu, Simply hit on Win+C.)
With the above softwares, you should be able to bring back your windows Start Menu and  Start Button on your Windows 8 OS. Remember to Hit the Share buttons!!!

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