How to browse the internet when your BIS expires

High percentage of blackberry users believe once BIS has expired, they can’t browse with their Blackberry smartphone anymore until they re-subsribe. Well, that was what I thought of then but it sucks when you have a little mobile data like 25MB,10MB and you intend using that to chat on 2go, whatsapp and the likes or accessing the net with operamini or ucweb but find out that you are unable to do that. With the aid of this write-up,I got my blackberry smartphone connected to the internet when my BIS expired. I was able to get on whatsapp, 2go, operamini and ucweb on my phone without BIS…

It works on all blackberry phone. Once your BIS expires, you don’t have to dump your phone just
follow these simple steps..

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Goto Options from the MENU

>> Advanced Options

Enable the APN settings and it the below;

For MTN,
Username: web
Password: web

Username: internet
Password: internet

For GLO,
Username: wap
Password: wap

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APN: etisalat
Username: web
Password: web

Save this settings, RESTART your device and ENJOY!

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