How to Change MTN Android Phone IMEI

A tut on how to root MTN Android phones was recently put up and here is the concluding part of it as we know rooting android phones doesn’t only enables you to have some apps installed and run perfectly on the phone but as well gives you the super control on the phone and this will enable you to tweak your IMEI also if you want to.


You can agree with me that higher percentage of users do root their phone so that they can get its IMEI changed. Now I’m bringing forth this tut on how to tweak MTN Android IMEI.

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Truly, there are several ways to get this done but the one I’m about to reveal works perfectly for the two MTN Android phones i.e. Smart S720i and S620

Steps to Change the IMEI?
==>Download MTKDroid here

==>Open the MTK Droid Tools and ensure it detects your device information

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==>Click on Root Button to gain SuperSU permission and the yellow box down should turn to green.

==>By the left, you will see IMEI, (Make sure you back-up your original IMEI before you change it)

==>Just tap on it to Generate your IMEI and replace it with the Blackberry IMEI (Click here to read how to generate BlackBerry IMEI).

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