Surfing through the internet today, I Stumbled upon this wonderful PC Software and it really amazed me. Have you ever sit in front of your PC/Laptop for so long just because you want to Send a very Large File across to someone on the Internet? or trying to Upload a very Large file to the Internet but keeps failing due to the Size and the Condition of the Internet?


Panic no more, as KGB Archiver will make it easier. KGB Archiver is a free open source software that can compresses 1GB File to 10MB file. It runs on Windows OS and Linux. Compression ratio of this software is very high. Time due to high compression levels, to compress a file goes high as the file size and increases the compression ratio may vary depending on the file format.

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How it Works:- If you Compress a File from a High Size to a lower Size and you Send to your Friend, Your Friends MUST have KGB Archiver Installed on the System to decompress the File, After Decompressing, it will go back to its normal size.

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System Requirements:

Due to high compression ratio of KGB Archiver, you must have a decent system hardware configuration.

* 256 MB RAM and above.

* 1.5 Ghz Processor.

Note:- KGB Archiver can compress all types of files from Big Size to Small Size but cannot Compress Videos.


Download KGB Archiver Here

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