How to Connect MTN BIS with Simple Server to Browse on Android and PC

We all know that the data plans issued by the Internet Service Providers (ISP) here in the country are of different types whereby both Blackberry and Android devices have their respective data plans.

Among all the released data plans, only that of Blackberry looks affordable and Surfer’s-choice (I mean the choice of internet users here in the country). Glo, Etisalat and MTN BIS Monthly plan are the same in price and amount of data only that users choose the one to use based on the strenght of the network at their area. Despite that their Monthly BIS subsciption goes for the same price and amount of data, they restrict their BB Plans to work only on blackberry devices. Talking of Blackberry OS 10, Only GLO supports that while Etisalat and MTN have another plan entirely for that though GLO also does have separate plan for OS 10 devices.

Airtel NG is the only network that allows almost all its data plan (irrespective of the subscription be it BIS, BES, AIS, Normal data plan, WTF, etc.) to work on all internet enable phone (even Nokia 3310 will, so far if it is internet enabled lol!). Airtel NG BIS plan (1+1 data bundle plan of 4GB for N1500 valid for 2months ) has been the most preferred plan to go for then not until when Airtel begin to Zap MB, as well as when the 1+1 data bundle was discontinued. At this moment, Android users are the ones that really got affected most including the PC Users who uses Airtel as an alternative then to surf the Net with their devices.

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Later on, another alternative on how to use Glo Monthly BIS Plan to browse the Net on Android devices by tweaking the Android IMEI to that of Blackberry was released which diverted higher percentage of users making use of the Airtel Plan to Glo Network as they were really enjoying the tweak even till the time of putting up this tut.

Sealing it completely, Glo released a plan that allows internet surfers to get 4.5GB for #2,500. Benefit of this is that it is not restricted to any internet enabled device i.e the plan works on both Android, iOS, BB OS 10, PC (Windows and MAC), Windows Phone and the Low-End internet enabled phones such as the Java and Symbian including what we regard to as “Chinko browsing Phones” . The release of this plan also migrated so many Internet geeks that stayed on MTN Night Plan to Glo Network.

Here in this tut, I will be dropping a tweak on how to connect MTN BIS Plan with Simple Server to work on Android and on PC


If you are a download Freak that’s addicted to downloading Season Movies, Large Softwares Etc., then you should use MTN Daily BIS plan to do that as this tweak will render the daily BIS subs unlimited.

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  • Download Simple Server Here and Extract on Your PC!
  • Open the extracted file folder, click on the Simpler Server.exe and run the application.
  • Now Load #100 on your MTN line and send BBCDAY to 21600 to subscribe for the MTN Daily BIS plan.
    When activated, slot the SIM into your modem and Connect it to your PC.
  • Now After receiving the “Welcome to MTN BIS” message, Go to Setting on your Modem Interface and
    Configure your;

Username and Password:- web

  • Before connecting, ensure you also configure your browser and IDM(Internet Download Manager) to


Port:- 8080

When this is configured correctly, you should now Open your browser to start surfing and downloading.


  • Download Simple Android Server for Android Here and Install on your device
  • Create A New APN settings On Your Phone with the below configuration:

Port: 8080

  • Save And Activate it as your default settings.
  • Now open simple server on your phone and configure the settings with the below:

Pproxy host:
Proxy Port: 8080
Injection Method: get
Injection querry/url:
Injection Host:
Injection line: press your enter key 4 times
Log leve: debug

  • Close the settings and click the connect button. Now your android should connect and start browsing the net.
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