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Do you have ideas of anything that you think people can benefit from? Or you just have some information that can add to the knowledge of others and wanted to start a blog but do not know how? Then proceed with this article.

A Blog is a platform owned by either an individual or a firm that allows its owner to share and explore more contents (based on its niche) with its reader. There are so many blogs out there as they focus on different niche.

Don’t know what a niche is? Well, niche simply means the topic that a blog is focusing on or talking about. For instance, my blog ( is focusing on both Tech and Media, same with other blogs out there.

Blog can be created in two(2) ways:

  • Creating with Blogger
  • Creating with WordPress (either self-hosted or on wordpress website)

As we’ve seen the two platforms that enables us to create a blog, we will be discussing the first one in this article.

Blogger is an online service owned by Google that publishes single or multi-user blogs created entirely by the user. The service has quickly become the preferred choice of many novice
bloggers and is one of the easiest methods of creating and publishing a blog for free. If you are unfamiliar with the service, this article will teach you how to set up an account and create a
blog on

Access or

Sign in using your google account {Sign up if you do not have}.

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When your login is successful, click on the ‘New Blog‘ button and you will see a page like the below screenshot.

Title: This will be the title that will be seen at the top of your blog (It should be relevant to what you plan to be posting on the blog. For instance, if you wan to be talking about money making tips, then you can give it a title like “Money Tips“).

AddressKeep your address similar to your title e.g

Template: Right here, choose any template you like (You can change later).

After choosing your preferred template, click on ‘Create Blog‘ button (You should see a notification that your blog has been successfully created).

Now that your blog has been created, Click on “Start Posting” as seen in the below screenshot.

When you click on Start posting, you will see a ‘Post Editor’

Enter the Title of your post (this is what your post will be about) and enter the content of your post as seen in the above screenshot.(You can still edit it anytime)

Note the 3 buttons.(Preview, Publish and the Save button).

Preview button: Enables you to preview what your post will look like.

Publish button: Publishes your post to the web.

Save button: Saves your composed post as draft.

There is a “Post Settings” pane at the right-hand side of the page just (like the below screenshot)

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Labels: This is where you set the category of your post. For instance, if your post is ‘How to Make money Sweeping‘., you can just enter ‘Make Money’ in the ‘labels’ box (You can edit at anytime).

Schedule: This is where you can set your post to be published on a future date and time. if you select “Set date and time“, you can choose a date and time on the calender for your post to be automatically published.

Once you’ve selected a new date and time, ensure you click on ‘Done‘ button (Your post will only be visible to your readers at the date and time that you’ve set).

Under the Post Settings, You can ignore the “Location” while you can enable and disable comments via “Options“.

Once you’ve done all this, You can then Hit the Publish button. (Now you have just created your first blog post)

Anytime you want to add new posts to your blog, access and sign in, then click on “New Post” tab and the “post editor” will open again.

In next article, we will be discussing on how to insert links, changing font size, colour, style, etc. and adding image to your blog post.

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