How To Create Multiple Sign-Ups On Websites Using Same Email Address

We all know many websites out there require you to provide a valid email address in order to register with them before you can access their features. There are some situations whereby you might need to have about two or more accounts with a website due to one reason or another that’s best known to you. It’s easy to just use a fake or non-existing email but when it’s necessary to confirm your email before your account is validated, you may have issues and will have to go over the registration again and provide a valid email address. To get these accounts registered, the common method we use is to sign-up with different valid email accounts.

At times, going over to an email client like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc. to register a new account might somehow looks stressful if you’ll need to create about five accounts with a website. But what if you find a way of making use of just one email account to register the five accounts with a such website, I guess you will be in haste to know how to do that. Without perambulating and writing much stories, let’s get straight to today’s tut.!

Here’s how it works; You will just create aliases for your email address and then all the mails coming up to the created aliases will be redirected to your email. That’s it! For the sake of this tut., I will only discuss that of Gmail and Outlook (Hotmail).

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Note==> A single outlook account only allows you to create maximum of five alias i.e. you can manage five email address from a single hotmail account.

Using Gmail Aliases

Unknown to many, each Gmail user can use aliases when signing up with websites. Assuming your real email is and you’ve already signed up with that, you can sign up on the same website using,, and so on. With this, you can easily register multiple accounts on a same website using one Gmail account. All you need to do is add “+ and a string of text” to your username and the confirmation email gets delivered to your Gmail account.  I had tried this out and it really works fine but the only drawback here is that you can only receive messages with your created aliases, you won’t be able to send mails using that fake email (unlike Outlook aliases which I will be explaining below).

Using Your Alternate Gmail Address

Still on Gmail, You should know that for every Gmail user, there’s an alternative email with which you can access your Gmail account. Assuming your Gmail account is, you still have an alternate email address that looks like this: ““. With this too, it’s easy to have multiple signups on a website.

Using Windows Live Mail (Outlook) Aliases

To all Hotmail users, here is the time to explore the settings. Some might have already know this but if you’re the type that only login to check your emails and log out, you’ll find this extremely useful when signing up multiple accounts on the same website.

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Outlook has a feature that lets you create multiple email addresses (called aliases). Having multiple aliases means being able to access the same email account using different email address. Assuming you create up to 5 aliases, you can sign up on the same site with these 5 aliases and still be able to access your email notifications from these site from your single Outlook account

How You Can Create Aliases From Your Outlook Account

  • Login to your Outlook account, click on the gear icon at the top-right corner and Click on Options.


  • On the next page, click on Aliases: manage or choose a primary


  • You may be asked to verify your account. On the next page, click on Add Alias


  • Enter your desired new alias (alternate email address) on the next page.


You can now can use the email to register on other sites immediately after creating it.

The interesting thing about Outlook aliases is that you can choose any of them as your primary email and send messages under that alias unlike Gmail aliases.

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