How to Disable Autocorrect on Android

One of the useful feature on Android that helps to type correctly and quickly is Auto-correct using the default android keyboard. It is indeed an very useful feature for people who are new to the English language, however on the other hand it can be annoying for people who want to type a non English language in English.

For example, a Yoruba man might want to type in his own dialect and in this case, the auto-correct feature would be very annoying by suggesting English words which will be entirely irrelevant. So to be frank the auto-correct feature is both a blessing and a curse, depending on the language the user wants to type in.

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In addition to this, many internet users do not form the habit of typing full words either on chat or when posting to internet forums. So if you fall in such category, then you’re better off without the Auto-correct feature. So, for you to turn off this feature, follow the below Steps.

  • Navigate to your Android phone’s Settings and go to the Language and Input settings.
  • Click on the Settings icon beside the Android keyboard you’re using. In this case, its the Android Keyboard (AOSP).

Note:The default android keyboard may differ for different phone manufacturers. For example; in case of Samsung Android phones, the default keyboard will be the Samsung Keyboard and the settings might differ slightly.


  • Now Tap on Auto-correction and select Off to turn off the auto correction feature.
  • Also, tap on Show correction suggestions and select Always Hide.

That’s it, now you’ve successfully disable the Auto-correct feature on your Android phone. Do not forget to click on the share button and as well drop your comments.

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