Hello NCReaders, it’s been a while that I put up tut on this blog and this was due to some obstacles. One of the readers of this blog even called me and asked if I had a vacation lol. I will like to apologize for that and also keep checking on the blog as more tuts will be posted.

Today we will be discussing on how to easily convert “.jpg” files to “.pdf” files. Last week, a relative of mine was about to submit his Curriculum Vitae (CV) online in which what the company accept is just pdf files. But when he gave me his flash-drive to copy-out his CV and send to the stated email, I found out that all his credentials are of jpg files and not pdf. When i informed him, all he could say was “This is a big stress (i.e re-typing his CV)” then i laughed and said “this is a small issue”. So, in case you’ve also found yourself in situation whereby you find it difficult to convert JPG files to PDF, then this tut is for you.

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I will be introducing a windows software to you called “JPG to PDF Converter”. With this software, you will no longer have any problem converting JPG pictures to PDF documents. This tool will convert your picture into PDF without any reduction in the quality of the picture. It also possesses an easy to use and beautiful interface for smooth operation.

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Download to you PC HEREOpen and Select the JPG file you want to convert, then click on START. 

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