How to Eraze Blackberry Call History At Once

A friend(female) has so many contacts on her call logs and feels like deleting them all but while trying to do this, I could see her deleting them one-by-one though I just keep cool and pose as if I do not know what she wanted to do but at a point, she got frustrated and asked if there is a way to delete all the logs at once. Then I laughed at her and I showed her the simple trick to get it done and she was like ‘Oh! So simple’ Lol.

Well I thought not to put this up as I do not really categorize it as tutorial but despite that, I know someone will surely benefit from it and if it is you, kindly make use of the below comment form just to let other Readers know it is atleast worth to be put up lol.

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How To Eraze Blackberry Call History At Once

  • Press the “SEND” button on your blackberry phone
  • Press and hold down the shift button (i.e the ^aA button)
  • Use the track ball/touchpad to scroll down till the end (This highlights All call logs)
  • Hit the “MENU” button and then select “DELETE
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==>If you are using a touchscreen Blackberry, you can use one thumb to highlight the first call and then keep scrolling down with another finger till they are all blue then hit the red ‘x‘ in bottom left hand corner.

That’s all.

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