How to Flip Your PC/Laptop Screen

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My lil bro was with my laptop some days ago and at a moment in time I noticed him soliloquy and began to get scared of what he had done to my PC having it in mind that he had damaged my laptop. So I moved closer to him and found out that my laptop screen had been turned upside down but to his surprise, I just got the screen back in a blink of an eye and then he asked how I did it.


Well, to the PC users, I guess you might have encounter this too in a way or the other so I decided to put up this article just to enable others who do not know how to get this done to be able to fix such prob.

Getting Straight to the Tut.,
Instruction: Read All Before

1. Press CTRL + ALT + the UP arrow key
(see below)

2. Next press CTRL + ALT + the RIGHT arrow key

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3. Then press CTRL + ALT + the LEFT arrow key

4. Then, before you get too dizzy press CTRL + ALT + the DOWN arrow key

Quite Easy? Yap, that’s how easy and simple it is., should in case this doesn’t work on your PC, kindly make use of the comment form to interact with Us and other Readers so as to help Fix it.

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