How To Get Music Used In TV Show Episodes

Mostly when we watch TV shows, we sometimes like the musics that are played in background and at times feel like having it on our mobile phone in which we find difficult to get its title not to talk of downloading.

Some even try to type few of its lyrics to search engines hoping they can get such music. This works at times but mostly doesn’t work. However, if you are unable to identify the music, you can make use of a free website called

Read Also »»  How to Change Windows Start-Up Sound is a free web service that helps you to find music from your favorite TV show episodes and since all the content on the site are submitted and validated by Tunefind users, the service is very accurate.

Below Are Steps On How You Can Use To Find Music From Your Favorite TV Show Episode.


  • Access to and type in the name of the TV show or movie. If the exact Show name appears in the suggestion list, click on it. Otherwise press enter and select a TV show from the list provided.
  • Next, select the season which you were watching.
  • You can now see a list of all the episodes in that particular season.
  • Click on an episode to view all the Music used in it.
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Tunefind will provide you links to download the music from Amazon and iTunes. But since you already know the name of the music, you can just download it from any of your preferred music downloading portal.

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