How to Install Google Play Store on BlackBerry 10 Phones

We all know BlackBerry OS 10 possesses the function of installing Android Applications just by getting the direct apk file and install like the normal app. Alternatively, for easy access to apk files, one can easily install Android App Stores like Amazon Appstore and 1Mobile. So with these stores, you won’t need to keep searching and searching for the direct apk online and as well prevent you from downloading craps claiming to be the real file.

Having known all these, some still want to install the Official Google Play Store App on their BB OS10 due to the reasons best known to them. Well if you have really wished to have the Google Play Store on your device but finding it difficult to make it work on your device, keep on reading as this tut is mainly for you.

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To get the Official Google Play Store App installed on your phone, you will have to install three APK files. They are:

The process is quite simple as it also allows you to buy and download android apps including you requesting for refunds just like the normal android users.

Note==> This tut has been tested and confirmed to be working on both BlackBerry OS 10.3.1, 10.3 and OS 10.2

Steps to Take

  • Click on the above listed APK files to Download and install them your device but DO NOT RUN them after installation.
  • Having successfully installed all the apps, Run Google Account Manager and Sign-in with the Google ID of your choice. Once you’ve successfully signed in, Close BlackBerry Google IDapp
  • Now Open the BlackBerry Google ID and sign-in again to finish registration. After successfully Signing-In, close the app also.
  • At this point, open Google Play Store and it will start working on your device
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Enjoy as You’ve just successfully setup the Official Google Play Store App on your BlackBerry 10 device. Remember to Share this and let others benefit.

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