How to Know if Your Webcam is Spying on You

Almost all PCs of now-a-days come with in-built cameras especially notebooks and laptops. Many PC users who consider security to be an important factor get to worry whether their web cameras are being used by third parties to hack into their PC for the purpose of spying.

We all know there are so many ways one can be spyed as it ranges to the level of the person spying and one of the ways is spying through the use of the PC’s in-built camera.

Here today, we will be discussing the way that allows you to check whether your Webcam is Spying on You with the aid of a software known as “Process Explorer”.

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How to Check if Your CAM is Spying on You

  • Click here to Download Process Explorer and Install it
  • On your Desktop, Right-Click on Computer
  • Click on Manage and a Computer Management window will appear
  • Look in the left navigation panel and click on Device Manager
  • Now Look for the camera and Double-Click on it
  • Click on the Details tab
  • Click on Property and then select Physical Device Object Name from the drop-down list
  • Right click on the value you see and select Copy
  • Now open up your installed Process Explorer
  • On its interface, Press CTRL+F
  • A box will appear at the top of the window, press CTRL+V to paste in the text you copied
  • Click on Search and you will see a list of apps that are currently accessing your camera.
  • Now Look through the list carefully to see the apps that are accessing your camera, if you found an unrecognized  app, you can just google-search it to know more about it before shutting them down. Also, you can perform a virus scan on your PC to make sure all is clean.
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