How to Move All your Android Apps to SD Card

Insufficient memory seems to be one of the major problem of android devices. Android phone run on two types of memory which are the its own inbuilt memory and an external memory i.e the SD Card. At times the pop-up message “you are running out of memory space” comes up when making use of the device which is very much embarrasing to a typical android user.

By default, all apps that are downloaded on android devices are installed in the internal memory and sooner or later storage problem will occur. In that case, there are several options for re-organizing the information downloaded on the Android devices, but it is more practical to just move some apps from internal memory to the SD card.

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Steps On How To Move Android Apps To SD Card

Some apps are difficult to move as they require to be in the internal memory to run while others can be moved without any stress. Moving of the apps can be done in two ways, either with the option Android renders or with the help of some External App. However, there are some stubborn apps that will refuse to move but do not let that bothers you as the solution is right here. I will only discuss on two of the external apps that enable the task to be done successfully.

  • Force2SD -: This App as it name goes will force all the apps including the default ones to move into the SD Card. Just make sure you have upto 8-16GB free space on your SD card if you totally want to free your memory space. You can download the free version. You can download the free version here or at Play Store.
  • Apps2SD -: One feature that this has which makes it more preferable is for the fact that it shows the total capacity of your SD card and Phone memory; not only that, but tells you which app you can be move and which can’t be move. You can download it here or from play store. After downloading, run and install it, and every other things is pretty easier to follow.
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