How to Pause Cyber Cafe Time

Earlier today, I had put up a tut on how to check if your webcam is spying on you, now I will be dropping a tut on how you will be able to suspend the cyber cafe time.

Disclaimer: This tutorial is mainly for educational purpose and not for unlawful act. NaijaClue will not be held responsible if any reader is caught using this article for an unlawful act.

Now proceeding to the main article, we will be discussing on a particular software known as “Process Suspender“.

Process Suspender is a software used to pause or suspend some applications  to prevent PC from over-heating.

It is a very important app that ought to be used by every computer user. Sometimes you may run some applications on your PC and even after closing them your system will still be running very slow. This occurs because the applications you opened have some background left-over apps that are still running.

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For instance, if you open Adobe photoshop software, viber, gtalk, yahoo messenger on your PC. After closing these softwares, there are some apps will still be running on background.

With Process Suspender, you can pause or stop those apps from running and making your PC works faster.

How To Use Process Suspender

  • Download Process Suspender
  • After downloading the file. Open the zip file, then look for the .exe application and Open it.
  • It will display a list of all the process that are running.


  • From there, locate the name of the the app you want to pause or stop.
  • Right click on the application and choose pause or terminate the program. If you choose terminate, it will close the application totally but if you choose pause, it will pause the application from running.
  • To use Process Suspender to pause Cyber Cafe Time, Every cyber cafe has its own kind of timing software, so simply locate the Cafe TIME client on the listed apps that are running and then Pause it.
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