How To Protect Ms Word or Ms Excel Document With A Password

Sometimes you may not want to hide your Microsoft Word document but prefer securing it so others wont be able to view or open it.


If you fall into this category, then this tut if for you. If not, keep on reading for knowing sake lol.

This is very easy than you think with Word and Excel documents. Word and Excel let you assign passwords to individual documents easily.

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==> OPEN the desired document that you want to password.
==> Click the TOOLS tab, then Options/ Security Options (or General Options if you’re using Word 2007 or Excel).
==> Enter your desired password that you know you can always remember whenever you want to open the document.
==> Click OK and you are done.

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That’s all you have to do to keep your documents protected. To keep the whole pc protected, always make sure you have an Updated antivirus program running on your pc. If you are not sure if it is working, you can read How to verify that your antivirus is working.

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