How To Restart BlackBerry 10 Phone Whenever It Hangs

Some of the newly released BlackBerry 10 Phones are with non-removable batteries. So many users liked this but at some moment in time, one might encounter some issues that hard resetting will solve but get stucked as you will not be able to use the battery-pull method just like the former phones (with removable batteries).

Sharing from my experience, some moments ago.., while making use of my BlackBerry 10 Phone (Z3), I opened so many apps running on background and as well playing SubWay Surfers but to my surprise, the phone hanged and waited for over 20 minutes hoping that my Z3 will come back to its senses which it did not.. then I knew I needed to hard reset it (i.e. to restart it by force). And since the phone is not like the former ones I’d used (whereby I will easily remove and re-insert the battery), then I got stucked on how I’ll accomplish that.

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If you’ve also encountered that before or you using BlackBerry 10 Phones that’s with non-removable battery, then you should find this tut useful. And to other users that are interested in this, you can proceed reading.

Hard Resetting Blackberry 10 Phones
The steps are quite simple and straight forward. Sometimes, pressing and holding the power button for longer time frame might get this done but in most cases, it won’t.

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Regardless of whatever you were doing on the device before it got stuck at a moment, pressing and holding down the volume up and volume down button for like 5 to 10 seconds automatically hard resets the phone. The device would automatically restart itself and at this point, your device should function again.

So that’s it. Follow the above stated instruction, you should be able to hard reset your blackberry 10 phone. Do Remember to Share this using the below Share Buttons and as well drop your comments below!

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