How To Screenshot On Blackberry Phones

Taking screenshots on your BlackBerry smartphone can come in handy in a variety of situations, whether you’re trying to show a friend something on your phone or you’re troubleshooting but don’t know how to explain what exactly is happening. This simple tutorial shows you how to take a screenshot on your blackberry phone.


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There are several apps that can perform this function but some tends to affix their name on your saved shots while some do not. I will be recommending an app to you called Screen Grabber.

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Screen grabber as its name sounds performs the function of taking current shot on your screen and automatically saving the captured shot on your device. It doesn’t affix anything on your shot unlike screen muncher. You surely gonna love this.

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Simply open your blackberry app world and search for screen grabber.
Download it and after installation, we’ll need set it to a convenience key so as to enjoy it better.

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To do this, simply Go into Options. If it’s on BlackBerry OS 6, go to the search bar in Options and search for “convenience key.” Or on any OS below BlackBerry 6, go into Options and select Screen and Keyboard.
Then Set the convenience key of choice to activate Screen Grabber.

Now whenever you want to screen shot, simply press the convenience key on your phone and the shot should be saved on your phone.

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