How To Take Screenshot On Android Phone

A happy moment to all android fans here on NC. Today’s articles is not really gonna be categorized as a tutorial but still, i’m sure some will find it useful.

I do not really think this is worth putting up as a tutorial not until when 3 people here in my location requested for it. That made me conclude there will surely be some out there who do not know how to do this as well.

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Going straight to today’s biz. Screenshoting on our mobile phones has been one of the most used feature by smartphone users. Though there are several ways to do this but i will be showing you the fastest method of screenshoting on your android phone.


Steps to Screenshot on your Android Phone
All you have to do whenever your want to take a screenshot is just Press and Hold Both the Power Button and the Volume Down (or Up) Button for about 5seconds. You Should now see the screenshot in your Gallery.

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If this doesn’t work for you, you can make use of an Android app called AndroSS to do this. Simply Download the App from Google Play Store or Alternatively here and Enjoy!

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