How to Use Glo BIS on PC/Laptop

Sometimes ago, BIS subscriptions were all working on PC with the APN tweak. But today, the network providers aren’t taking it easy with their BIS plan anymore only Airtel NG BIS plan works on any device without making use of any tweak only to make sure their normal settings are set on the device you want to use it on.
Having known that Airtel works, we all know that their data cap won’t be enough to use especially to the heavy internet users. So any one that want to subscribe for Airtel BIS plan for PC purpose ought to know what’s he/she is doing.

Well back to the main tut., Glo offers a good BIS plan (Comonth) which costs #1,000 for 3GB. Yeah we all know but subscribers are finding it difficult to make use of the plan on PC. Many even bombarded my E-mail stating that I should help get a solution to this. Well, I have come with this tut., which will enable you to connect your BIS plan with the PC.

Requirements-: Blackberry Desktop Software (Installed on your PC/ Laptop),
A Blackberry Phone,
Active Glo BIS plan .

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  • Click Here to Download PdaNet Software for Windows XP/Vista/7 (32bit).
    Click Here to Download PdaNet Software for Windows XP/Vista/7 (64bit).
  • After Downloading, move it to your PC and Install it by following the On-Screen Instructions.
  • Now After Installing it Successfully, Open the Blackberry Desktop Software
  • Connect your Blackberry Phone with the Blackberry Desktop Software
  • Now click on Application located at the left tab, then look at the top-right-corner, you will see Import Files.., Click on It
  • You will be taken to your PC Files, Navigate to your Harddisk –> Program Files –> PdaNet For Blackberry
  • Open the PdaNet For Blackberry Folder and double-click on PdaNet.alx
  • It will be added to the list of the App
  • Now click on the ‘+’ icon(install) next to the app name and click on apply button
  • Now it will be added to the list of the App in the download section of your Blackberry phone
  • After All this has been set, take your phone and Navigate to Settings –> Device –> Advance System Settings –> TCP IP –> tick the ‘APN Settings Enabled‘, put in the APN field. Also tick ‘APN Authentication Enabled‘ and input flat in both the username and password field
  • Then Save It.
  • Now Navigate to the Download Section on your blackberry phone
  • Note: make sure your phone is connected to your PC using cable. Now Open the download folder and Launch PdaNet
  • Click ‘Enable USB Connection’
  • PdaNet will verify your connection and once it is done, Right-Click on the PdaNet on your PC and Click Connect
  • It will then show a popup to input your blackberry password, input your password and It will connect
  • You will now see at the notification area that PdaNet is working
  • Now open your browser and start browsing
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That’s It! Tutorial looks a bit long? I guess no but only trying to make it easy even if you are not a computer geek.

Follow the procedures as explained and your BIS will start working on PC. Tested and Confirmed!

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16 thoughts on “How to Use Glo BIS on PC/Laptop

  1. Boss please is it still working? If yes please d pdanet link u put dere is actually 4 iphone. And d one for bb on d site is a trial version. Please reply

    1. @henry, yeah it is still working, also the link has been updated.., click on the link to download PdaNet for Windows.

    1. Try this fix:
      Go to Settings –> Device –> Application Management –> Click on PdaNet from the listed apps –> Edit Permission

      Now set the three values with the below:

      Connections: Allow
      Interactions: Custom
      Userdata: Allow

  2. When i tried installing the pdaNet i keep get this error “Check 64 bit driver failure (err=80040145)”.
    I am using a windows 8 64 bit OS

  3. Sorry, I am a real Spammer and I’m highly ashamed to have been caught by this system.. Never gonna do that again!

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