How to Use Quickteller to Receive Western Union Money

Last week Saturday, I received money from a relative overseas through the western union but it was unfortunate that I can’t get the money due to the fact that it’s weekend but I can’t just wait till Monday then I decided to access quickteller website and all went well (I mean I got my money transferred to my Bank Account).

Here are Steps to Follow to Receive Western Union via Quickteller

  •  Visit Quickteller Website and
    sign in to your account. (Sign up if you are a new user). 
  •  Select “Receive Money” from the drop down menu
  •  A new page will open, then click the “Western Union” pane
  •  Select “Naira” from the drop down box under your bank logo.
  •  Click “Receive money now” under your bank logo. (The Western Union – Receive Money data page opens)
  •  Fill the sender and receiver details in the spaces provided.
  •  Click “continue
  •  A verification page will open to verify the details supplied. If all is correct, click, “confirm“.
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Then wait for Quickteller to verify the details provided with the bank and with Western Union. Once confirmed, your account will be credited with the transferred Amount.
That’s all.
Note:- Ensure that the details provided by the sender match those you provide so as to avoid errors or an unsuccessful transaction.

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