How To View Nokia S40 Password

When I was a Java Phone user, I do change my phone password anyhow cos of some pals that do make use of it either to browse the internet and exhaust my MBs or play games and exhaust my battery; so i adopted the habit of changing password anyhow I like. But one day when I was about to change the password as I always do, I found out that I couldn’t remember the Old password again as you know Nokia will first request for the old password before you type-in the new password, then I got stucked. During this time, I was unable to use the security lock on my phone but all thanks to a Windows Software that enables me to read-out the old password in which I will be sharing with you the steps I took to display the password here in this tut.

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I will be Introducing to you a windows software called Simple; It is an unlocking software which gives you the lock code and do not damage your mobile and your data and as well keep all your Nokia S40 Phone data completely safe.


  • Data Cable of your Nokia Phone
  • PC or Laptop
  •  Nokia PC/Ovi Suite


  • Download Simple Software Here
  • Now connect your Nokia Phone to your PC/Laptop via the Data Cable and let the Nokia PC/ Ovi Suite Detects it.
  • When your device has been detected by the Suite, Close the Nokia PC/Ovi Suite
  • Now Open Simple Software
  • Go to MAIN option
  • Go to read info option
  • After clicking on the read info, it will show your Device information
  • Click on the Service Tab or Option
  • Then simply click on the Get Button and get your Nokia Mobile lock code
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That’s it, Your Lock code will then display. Remember to Share this and as well drop comments below!

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