I could still remember the time i do always use a friend’s PC, No Trial version of any Software Installed, they are all Full Version and it keeps troubling my Mind Anytime I’m with his PC. Have you also ever wonder how some Webmasters and Internet Geeks get their Premium Software without Paying too?

One day, while operating his laptop in my presence, I caught him Red-Handed and he Exposed it to me. Now I have decided to share it with all Wonderful Members of NaijaClue, Some might have known this Stuff but I guess some will also need this.

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Have you heard about or come across on the internet? I Guess YES but If NO, This is main webbsite we will be focusing this tutorial on. The Site gives out 1 Premium Software everyday, No need to Panic over any Software on your PC from getting expired.

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Giveawayoftheday is a widely used Site by Most Nigerians though it is an International website but it uses is wide due to their Niche and for their Free Gift.

So if you’re the type that make use of Good Software on your PC, Access the Website daily to get the best out of your PC.

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