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BB10 is just a cool smartphone with better battery life, it’s not new that BB10 smartphone can now install Andriod Apps. So we at NaijaClue, took it up to review the best BB10 internet plan as to enable its users to choose the one that best suit them as they keep complaining that bb10 consumes data like Android device despite the fact that normal BIS can’t work with it.

Mtn: Heavy downloaders are the one complaining this a lot. Funny enough, a friend of mine subscribed to this and exhausted it all in just 3day, see how frustrating it is unlike the normal mtn BIS subscription that gives 3GB at the rate of #1,500. The data cap attach to mtn bb10 are:

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  • #1,000. – 260MB
  • #1,500. – 500MB
  • #3,000. – 1.5GB
  • The data on this isn’t pocket friendly but has an advantage to works flawlessly on pc without no extra settings.

    Airtel: Airtel bb10 subscription is also not pocket friendly as it is the same with the above listed MTN plans.. But I do not see why I will go for that when I can comfortably subscribe for Airtel Unlimited Plan for 1500 and get 2GB.

    Etisalat: Same. You choose the one that has the best Network Coverage in your Area.

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    Glo: This seems to be the best as at the time of putting up this write-up because MTN offers 1.5GB for #3,000 as listed above, they offer 3GB for same price(#3,000). Also, 2GB for #1,400 while mtn and others offers 500MB for #1,500.
    The difference is so clear and we choose this to be the best.

    We’ll appreciate it when you tell us the package you are using and why you are using that package as it might be of benefit to other reader by making use of the comment form below.

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