Top 5 Mobile TV Applications For Android Devices

Searching for a Mobile TV Application for Android seems to look quite easy but at times, it’s not as there are many of them out there in which only just few among them perform that function as many other are craps. If you are in search of the best TV application for your Android device, here are top 5 recommended TV Applications that you can Use on your Android device.

Below Are The Selected 5 TV Apps

Note: Click on the TV App’s Name To download any of the TV Application.

    BBC iPlayer application for Android is a wonderful TV application that allows you to watch live TV programs of BBC Channels. It has a feature that allows you to watch TV broadcast even the ones of the past seven days which means you won’t have to worry whenever you miss some programs as you can easily get them back when you want to with the stated period. The App can easily used over Wi-Fi or with 3G,4G,LTE.
    Netflix is bundled with a lot of contents, even though the total number of contents they provide has not been totally accounted for yet, but still about 60,000 contents which includes movies are already on list. Netflix provides great quality videos for its users and also giving users the ability to pause and resume videos. This app also helps in searching for contents easily as it also recommends titles instantly as you search. Though the netflix app is free but you will need a streaming service to use it.
  3. SKY GO
    SkY Go is free but you will be required to input your Sky go subscribers details otherwise you wont be able to watch any videos. The Sky Go app’s homepage comes in lists, and they are categories of various videos available, the lists are categorized into various sections such as Movies, News, Entertainment, Sports, Music, and Lifestyles. This App is one of the best Android phone TV app as it is very easy to use.
  4. VEVO
    Vevo is initially compatible on IPAD, but it’s now available for android devices. On start-up, the app will show you the top videos so you can choose to watch. This app comes with great videos and sound quality, and it also allows you to easily share videos over social networks with just a simple tap.
    Crackle is another great Android TV App that allows you to watch movies directly on your Android devies for free. Crackle provide the largest list of TV shows and movies as well has high quality videos. It is totally free and also used across various countries.
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Do explore the above listed apps to choose the one that interest you. Have any issue? Make use of the below comment form and Also Do Remember to Click on the SHARE  BUTTONS across the page.

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