Troubleshooting in Windows OS

The windows OS Control Panel contains several
troubleshooting programs that can automatically fix
some common problems with your computer, such as
problems with networking, hardware and devices,
using the web, and program compatibility.

Note that troubleshooters aren’t designed to fix every Windows problems but they are a useful thing to try first, as they can often save you time, effort and money.

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Using Windows Troubleshooting Feature

Access Windows Troubleshooting by clicking the Start button –> Control Panel–> under System
and Security
–>click Find and fix problems

When you run a troubleshooter, it might ask you
some questions or reset common settings as it works
to fix the problem. If the troubleshooter fixed the
problem, you can close the troubleshooter. If it
couldn’t fix the problem, you can view several
options that will take you online to try and find an
answer. In either case, you can always view a
complete list of changes made.

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Hope this fix some of your PC issues?

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