Ways To Make Your Smartphone Charge Faster

As smartphone now dominate high percentage of phones being used, users somehow complain of “slow charging”. As the situation of the country is, some areas rarely get good power supply and due to this, some rely on getting phones charged at any available source and even when there’s a source to charge, “slow charging” will frustrate such person. Below are few things that can prevent “slow charging” on your phone.

Use Recommended Charger and Battery Only

Most of us have already ignored this warning. It’s clearly stated when you get a new device that you should use accessories recommended by its manufacturer. You just care about charging your smartphone, you never care about the outcome of what you have done. Always adhere strictly to manufacturer’s instructions to avoid the blame later.

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Avoid Battery Overheating

Some are fond of pressing and charging their smartphone the same moment the smartphone is plugged in. When this is going on, your phone and its battery will develop the heating habit. You must have noticed that when you are using your phone while charging it, you will observe the degree of the hotness. Aside that, your phone should be kept in room temperature when charging and not in a hot environment.

Avoid The Use Of Computer USB Charging

There are series of chargers in which we have the USB charger. Many complain of slow charging even when they attach their USB cables to their PC to charge the phone. This shouldn’t be, rather make use of the wall socket and the wall charger. It will make the charging speed of your smartphone more faster compared to charging with PC.

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Turn Off Your Smartphone While Charging

Decided to include this as some might not agree with this. When your smartphone is turned off while charging, it will increase the charging speed and make it to charge for few hours depending on the type of your smartphone and when using the recommended charger. If you ain’t okay with this option, you can switch on your phone and try the Ultra Power Feature.

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