Having Problem Signing-In to Yahoo Mobile, Here Is A Fix!

Signing-In to Yahoo! via the mobile site was working perfectly before but now almost everyone do find it difficult to do that as an error message will be displayed anytime you try signing-in through the Mobile Version. Below is a screen shoot of the error message.


When I saw this for the first time, I quickly turned on my laptop and logged-in successfully but then I tried on mobile again and still got the same error. I thought it was from the Opera Mini browser I was using but then launched Another Browser on my Phone but remained the same, then I figured out the issue from Yahoo!

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So, If you can’t log in to yahoo mail on mobile too, here a quick fix that’s going to log you in faster.

  •  Visit http://login.yahoo.com/config/login
  •  You should be presented with the full version login page
  •  Input your username and password, hit the login button and fill the captcha
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You should now be logged in. You may be shown the account information page but you can choose to go to the homepage and then access your mail box from there. That’s All!

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