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WhatsApp+ Not Working on BlackBerry 10 Phones? Here Is A Fix

Having published the release of WhatsApp+ here on NC, the App was mainly for Android users but since we are aware that BlackBerry OS 10 Devices are capable of running android app also, some decided to opt-in for the WhatsApp+ and it runs successfully on the BB10 phone but users experience issues with it as the app was unable to send down the verification code which hinders them to proceed using the incredible software.

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I received so many mails from users asking for a way out and today, I’ve come up with this tutorial as it will help resolve the issue. Without wasting much time, below are the steps to take.



Steps to Successfully Install Whatsapp+ on BlackBerry 10 Devices
To install WhatsApp+ successfully on your BB10 device, you will need to install Google Play Store on your device first.

If you’ve successfully installed the Google Play Store on your phone, open the Play Store and download the normal conversational WhatsApp

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Now pass through the verification process and ensure it displays all your contacts (but do not chat yet)

Close the WhatsApp and uninstall it

Then Install the WhatsApp+ and proceed with the normal verification, and it will surely send you the verification code.

That’s it. Enjoy! Do Remember to Share this and as well drop your comments below!


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