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Windows Showing Not Genuine After Some Weeks of Activation? Try This Fix

Months ago, we posted a tutorial on how to activate windows OS using RemoveWAT and many really found it useful as they were able to activate their Windows OS to a genuine version but as at 3days ago, I got a mail from a fellow reader of this blog that having activated his Windows 7 to a genuine version with RemoveWAT software, his Win7 displayed it again that his Windows OS isn’t genuine after 8weeks of activation.

Just 2days ago, I also experienced that on my PC and today I’m happy to announce to you that a simple trick to overcome that has been discovered. So if you’ve also experience such, you will definitely found this tut useful.

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How to Re-Activate your Windows OS

The trick is really simply and easy. Whenever your windows OS notifies you that it’s not a genuine version, just launch your RemoveWAT.

When the RemoveWAT App Opens, click on Restore WAT. At this time your PC will restart on Restoring WAT (Note: You will still get the ‘not genuine’ error)

Now After the Restart is complete, re-open the RemoveWAT software and at this time, Click On “RemoveWAT”

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Now your PC will restart again and your windows will be activated back.

Note: Any moment you see the message ‘windows is not genuine’, just repeat the above steps and continue using your Windows.

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