Things that can affect a man’s sperm
You probably know about some of the biggies like smoking, alcohol, illicit drug use or hot tubs impairing a man’s fertility but here are a few things you may not know
1. Morning sex = higher sperm count: If you are trying to conceive, time intercourse
when his sperm count is at its highest.
Researchers have found that men generally have a higher sperm count in the mornings.
Men’s intimate interest may be higher in the mornings as well.
2. His weight matters: Women are not the only ones who have weight related fertility
issues. Men who are overweight or underweight are more likely to have
problems with infertility. Having too much or too little body fat may affect a man’s
hormone levels. Scientists in one Finish study found that a 20 lb weight gain may increase a man’s chance of being infertile by 10 percent.
3. Have more sex not less: Men with low sperm counts are often advised to abstain
from sex in order to improve their sperm count, but new research suggests that while
this may improve sperm count, too much abstinence can damage the DNA of the
sperm that is produced. Australian researchers have found that having daily sex
actually improves the quality, if not the quantity of sperm. The thought behind this
is that regular ejaculations get rid of the old sperm and make way for newer healthier
4. Folic acid is not only good for the goose, but it is also good for the gander. Most
women know that taking a folic acid supplement is important during childbearing
years because it can prevent certain birth defects. You may not have known that it is
also important for men to eat a diet containing folic acid. A recent study by researchers at the University of California,
Berkley found that men who had lower levels of folic acid (or folate) in their diets
had a higher rate of chromosomal abnormalities in their sperm.
5. Avoid soy products. A recent study published by Oxford University Press’s online
publication Human Reproduction, suggests
that eating a diet high in soy foods could cause men to have a lower sperm count.
According to the study, men who ate soy foods were more likely to have lower sperm
counts (although not necessarily abnormally
low) than men who did not eat soy.
6. Skip the lubricants. Lubricants can impede the movement of sperm. A woman’s cervical mucous is designed to help transport sperm, but many commercial lubricants have the opposite effect. Lubricants like KY Jelly, baby oil, or petroleum jelly have been shown to slow down or damage sperm. Saliva can also damage sperm. One lubricant that is okay to
use is Pre-seed. According to one study in the ASRM’s journal of Fertility and Sterility, Pre-seed was not shown to harm or slow
down sperm.
7. Watch out for cell phones and laptops. There have been a few studies that have
shown that excessive use of laptops or cell phones can cause sperm damage. Laptops, if placed on a man’s lap, get hot over time. The increase in scrotal temperature may have a negative effect on a man’s sperm if he keeps a laptop sitting on his lap for extended
periods of time. Similarly, cell phone emissions might also cause sperm damage. Keeping a cell phone in a close proximity to a man’s scrotum could potentially cause a decrease in sperm quality, according to a small research study from the Cleveland

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