2014 is going to be a big year for mobile devices as the battle between the big three tech giants heats up and two of the big three are already gearing up their products for 2014; at least the rumors say so.

According to reports, Apple is planning to rather kill the Notebook PC market by releasing a 12-inch iPad. An analyst at Evercore Partners predicts that the company will be releasing a tablet focused on the business market by fall this year. Analyst Patrick Wang predicts that the new 12-inch iPad will be powered by an A8 processor and that it will be similar to the Surface tablets that Microsoft has in the market. The analyst states that manufacturing costs are the primary reasons that Apple would consider such a tablet which would over time take over the Macbook Air.

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Apple’s main competitor Samsung on the other hand is getting ready with it’s successor to the Galaxy S4; the Galaxy S5. The device is rumored to be released along with the Galaxy Camera 2 in February in Barcelona, at the World Mobile Congress.

Rumors are ripe that the company could finally be moving away from a plastic body to a more polished aluminium case all thanks to the success of the HTC One. Another phone which is expected to come out at the event is Samsung Galaxy F which will sport a QHD 2K display which supports an amazing resolution of 2,560×1,600 pixels. The new Galaxy S5 could also sport a different OS namely the Tizen OS which was doing rounds a while back but it remains to be seen whether the company would risk introducing a new OS when it’s flagship device is doing so well running the Android.

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