LASTMA Official Stripped Naked At Point Of Duty by a Bus Driver

Abraham Ikujunni, A 35-year-old commercial bus driver, has been arrested for allegedly assaulting an official of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority and resisting arrest.


According to LASTMA authorities, the bus driver allegedly stripped an official, Oyeyemi Olusola, ripping his pair of trousers apart.see after cut
It was learnt that the incident occurred on Friday in Ikorodu area of the state. It was learnt that the suspect was accosted for not wearing a seat-belt before the incident occurred.
A LASTMA official, who craved anonymity, said, “Around 8:26am on Friday, the LASTMA official apprehended the suspect around Odonguyan area of Ikorodu for not using a seatbelt.

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“The official entered his vehicle and told him to park properly. He however drove the official into a street where there were commercial motorcycle riders
“The riders then supported the suspect and the LASTMA official was assaulted and his pair of trousers was torn. Fortunately, backup arrived and the suspect was arrested.”
Our correspondent sighted the suspect’s statement in LASTMA office. He denied assaulting the official, but admitted tearing his trousers.
He wrote, “My bus was faulty and I was trying to fix it when the LASTMA man accosted me. He said I should park properly so as not to obstruct the flow of traffic and I parked. He wanted to arrest me and I resisted so a struggle ensued.
“He slapped me and my shirt got torn in the process. I then engaged him in a struggle and while people were trying to separate us, his trousers got torn in the process. Please, I am also a victim.”
The LASTMA spokesperson, Bola Ajao, could not be reached for comment.

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