Why we won’t change leadership now – Reps

The House of Representatives said on Tuesday that a change of its leadership was not possible yet because the main opposition, the All Progressives Congress did not have 181 simple majority membership.


There are 360 lawmakers in the House.

Simple majority, according to the House, implies that the APC should have at least 181 members.

The ranks of the APC rose to 176 members last week after 39 New PDP members reportedly joined the APC, taking after the example of five of the rebel PDP governors.

The APC had 137 members prior to the development.

There were speculations on Tuesday (yesterday), that the party was to unveil the 176 members on the floor in a bid to take over the majority leadership of the House.

But nothing of such happened yesterday.

Speaking on the issue, the Deputy Chairman, House Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Mr. Victor Ogene, said that the APC did not have majority control yet and could not effect any change of leadership.

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Ogene explained, “Until a political party hits 181 membership, we cannot be talking of any change of leadership.

“The only positions that are safe at all times and by the mercy of members, are that of the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker.

“These were elected by the whole House, regardless of party affiliation.

“But, for other positions, there is no need contesting the fact that once a party has a simple majority of 181, such a party decides it at their caucus level and the majority leadership moves over to them.”

However, the Minority Leader of the House, Mr. Femi Gbajabiamila, faulted Ogene’s position.

He claimed that Ogene was not interpreting the rules of the House correctly.

“Our rule says the party with the majority of members takes over majority leadership.”

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“There is no talk of simple majority in the strict application or else you are assuming that there are only two political parties in the House.

“Is the House made up of only PDP and APC?

“There are other parties with members in the House as well; so, you do not reduce the matter to simply 181 versus 179.

“No, it doesn’t work that. But, even at that, the APC has way over 181 members as we speak,” Gbajabiamila added.

When asked to be specific on the exact membership of the APC, he declined, saying that “at the right time, this issue will be put behind us.”

Meanwhile, members met behind closed doors on Tuesday amid speculation that the Presidency reportedly sent $100,000 to each of them.

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